Meet Dudley’s

Until you met Dudley….

Dudley’s Pancake House was first opened in a lovely little town called High Barnet on the 20th February 2007, which was also Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday (to quote its official name!). When we first opened our doors, we just wanted to share our amazing pancakes with you….but you know what? Dudley’s has really become a part of our lives and for many people in Barnet and the surrounding areas too – its become a real part of the community J

Back in 2007 our menu started with just sweet and savoury pancakes on the menu, but since then we have added a range of delicious range of handmade Gourmet Burgers (chargrilled of course, because it’s the only way), Belgian waffles with toppings galore, baby back ribs, milkshakes and freshly squeezed juices. It’s food gone wild.

If you enjoy chilling, listening to good music, feeling comfortable and eating good food then Dudley’s is for you. And if you wish to impress your kids with a ridiculous choice of super-sized pancakes and the best milkshakes money can buy then pop along and enjoy the experience together.

We hope to see you all soon!

Love Dudders

How good are your pancakes?

In our kitchen we have over 35 years combined experience in cooking pancakes. This kind of experience is unrivalled anywhere within the M25 so you know you’ll be eating the best pancakes in town by some distance.

What makes a good pancake?

Thickness – Too thin makes it crispy and tasteless, too thick makes it doughy and slimy…it has to be just right.

Fresh Ingredients – We only use fresh produce brought in daily for your pancakes. Other places cut corners with canned stuff and it’s not on.

Size Matters – Our pancakes are MASSIVE, they are all 15inches/38cm diameter. They my not be the cheapest because of the quality ingredients we use, but the sheer size means you get bang for your buck.

Technique – We cook the fresh vegetables into the pancake instead of just on top. We then flip the pancake with all the vegetables still cooking inside and top it with cheese. This is a skill and requires a lot of practice and some Desperate Dan sized biceps.

About the burgers…

We always wanted to add burgers to our menu and in 2011 we made it happen. We brought some British Beef fresh from Smithfield Market. We minced it, spiced it, chargrilled it and made our first Dudley’s Gourmet Burger. We trialed them for a few months and ended selling so many we had to change our name to Dudley’s Pancake & Grill!

We now we have 9 fantastic Gourmet Burgers on our menu, all created with a variety of toppings and relishes. So if burgers are your thing, you’ll definitely enjoy what’s cooking in our kitchen.